Dad settles £1,800 school canteen debt for other children: ‘It’s so no one goes hungry’

Dad settles £1,800 school canteen debt for other children: ‘It’s so no one goes hungry’

Enough is enough ; sometimes people exaggerate and unconsciously attack the weakest and most innocent individuals, without thinking that in such a situation one can be on the wrong side. And who is there to right all the wrongs in this world?

Nobody, unless someone voluntarily rolls up their sleeves and decides to make their point. A bit like this brave dad, who is talked about on the web after deciding to repay all the debts of the school canteen so that the poorest children can have access to food.

The father we want to talk to you about today is called Simon Harris, he has four children who attend Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle School in Penygroes, a town in Wales, and he has taken his word against that of the headmaster. school which had decided to withdraw canteen services from all these families, and consequently from all the young pupils, who had not yet paid their debt.

The controversy erupted when school principal Neil Foden wrote to parents in a letter that the school cook had been ordered not to serve food to a child «if his debt is n ‘is not paid’; in short, no child would receive food from the canteen if their parents owed even a penny to the school. It was madness that Simon Harris could no longer bear.

For his part, Neil Foden, head of the school, said: «We don’t want to generalise, but let’s be realistic, parents who can pay continue to not pay and do not settle their debt, and meanwhile the school is losing money, something has to be done! »

To put an end to this rather unfortunate situation, Simon Harris decided to settle the parents’ debt to the school by paying the sum of £1,800 out of his own pocket, thus putting an end to this madness which makes many of these children not will not be able to access canteen services if they need them:

“I just made this heartfelt offer to school management Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle on Twitter. I will cover all the deficit of their canteen if it will stop the madness of excluding potentially starving children. All I care about is putting an end to this madness and feeding the children. »

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