A surgeon who saved 37,000 children’s hearts for free

A surgeon who saved 37,000 children’s hearts for free

Subodh Kumar Singh is a renowned Indian surgeon. He is a pediatrician and helps children born with deformities such as cleft palate. During his many years of practice, he has performed around 38,000 operations without receiving a single penny from parents.

Thanks to this work ethic, the doctor has done more good deeds that have changed children’s lives than anyone else. Abnormalities of the lips and palate are congenital conditions caused by a developmental disorder in the mother’s womb.

These abnormalities affect the quality of life of boys and girls. They cannot eat breast milk and are ridiculed by their peers and some adults.

In many cases, such a problem can be corrected by plastic surgery, but the cost of the procedures is so high that not all families can afford to invest in treatment. That is why Indian doctors help young patients for free.

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