All My Girlfriends Dumped Me After Finding Out I Had A Disabled Daughter, One Day They All Came To My House – Story of the day

All My Girlfriends Dumped Me After Finding Out I Had A Disabled Daughter, One Day They All Came To My House – Story of the day

A man whose daughter is disabled has been unlucky in love until an unexpected event occurs, and everyone in their small town finds out. All of his former girlfriends showed up at his house, begging him to give them a chance, and he didn’t know what to do.

When my girlfriend Lucia got pregnant, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were excited. However, due to difficulties during childbirth and other medical terms that I never really understood, our precious daughter, Marla, became paralyzed. This affected my girlfriend, who was also suffering from postpartum depression.

Eventually, Lucia abandoned me, and I found myself alone raising our little girl. I don’t regret it for a single second. She is the light of my life; she is intelligent, curious and courageous.

I’m a proud dad, and my mom, Rosetta, adores him too. She watched her every day when I went to work. I wasn’t the most successful man in the world, but I was doing well in our small town in Virginia.

Since my daughter was brilliant, I wanted her to start learning things, and a friend of my mother’s recommended her niece, Patricia, to take lessons with her every afternoon. She was a teacher at the local kindergarten and needed a little extra money, so the arrangement worked out perfectly.

My eyes could have popped out of my head. «What are you all doing here?» I asked them, puzzled.

She was lovely to Marla and my mom, and my life was great. An unexpected thing happened: I met Ella whom I fell in love with at first sight.

I hadn’t considered getting back together after Lucia left. It was too painful to think that the mother of my child abandoned us, so I put that part of me aside. But Ella changed everything. She was beautiful, sweet, and so attractive.

We started dating, and our chemistry was amazing. I told her I had a daughter, and she seemed excited to meet her. It was a huge relief. But it shouldn’t have been.

One day, we had planned a family outing to the zoo. It was a safe, neutral place where Ella could spend time with Marla in a casual way.

Apparently, I should have told Ella beforehand that my daughter is disabled, because her eyes widened as soon as I arrived with Marla. She faked a smile, playing the game all day long until I got a call from her later.

«I’m sorry. I was already hesitating to go out with a man who has a daughter, but now I can’t anymore,” Ella immediately confessed.

«Ella, I’m not asking you anything. Marla is cared for by many people. You won’t be responsible for anything, and she’s wonderful. You’ll see,” I said, almost pleading.

«No. I can not. I’m sorry. Goodbye,” Ella said with a stutter before hanging up.

It was finished. She was out of my life. Of course, I didn’t want someone behaving like that with Marla, but I was devastated. She was the first woman I had befriended since Lucia left. My mother and Patricia comforted me about what had happened.

“Look, Ella did the right thing. She just did it the wrong way. But she left before Marla attached herself to her, which avoided a lot of injuries. Not everyone can take care of a child, and not everyone has to,” Patricia told me.

«You’re right».

“You will soon find someone better. I am sure !» Patricia told me to reassure me, giving me hope before leaving at the end of the afternoon.

My mother repeated the exact same words to me, and in a way, it remotivated me. I stayed alone too long, and I should not close the door to possible new meetings.

However, I never imagined that history would repeat itself over and over again. First, there was Oona, who was terrific and beautiful like a model. When I told her early on that I had a disabled daughter, she seemed to agree. But every time I tried to get her to meet Marla, she always found an excuse: work, an outing with friends, a date… well, whatever you want.

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